The ING2030 course immerses Engineering students in entrepreneurship that is based in science and technology.

The School allows you to present the work you do in your venture as a professional internship, or to look for internship opportunities in other startups.

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One of the missions of the School is to transform the knowledge generated in classrooms and laboratories into technological innovations that address the challenges and problems that impact society, allowing for the acceleration of development in Chile. For this, an academic and non-academic curriculum have been developed which specifies programs and resources available so that the School community can learn innovation, accelerating entrepreneurial ventures and connections with other entrepreneurs.

We invite you to review our ecosystem through our three pillars: LEARN, LAUNCH and CONNECT, and to contact the Innovation Office if you need guidance and support.


Dirección de Investigación e Innovación



Gian Jara

Gian Jara

Coordinator of Innovation
Constance Fleet

Constance Fleet

Associate Director of Innovation

“In our office we will always have open doors to receive community members and guide them in their innovations and startups. If you need advice, support for applications to competitions or review of your pitch, etc., do not hesitate to contact us.”

- Innovation Office